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   Ilace is available for individual instruction on hammered dulcimer or violin in the Branson/Springfield area of Missouri.  Contact her for rates and logistics.

   Her enthusiasm for workshops and festival classes has led to teaching opportunities at Arkladulcifest, the Memphis Dulcimer Gathering, the Ozark Folk Center Dulcimer Jamboree and Hammered Dulcimer Week, the Gateway Dulcimer Festival, Kentucky Music Week, the ODPC Funfest (Evart), and the Buckeye Dulcimer Festival.  Student comments include " Very informative!",  "Very useful!", "Great class!",  "Moved at the right speed," and "Thanks for removing the mystery!"  Some of her sessions "ready to go" include:


Back to Bach (Intermediate) - Learn to adapt classical melodies for your instrument.  Explore three little Bach minuets and how to "flesh them out" by adding harmony and other embellishments.

Construction Zone (Beg.) - Building good habits from the beginning.  Training your muscles and your mind has long term benefits.  No hard hat required.

 The Dots on the Page Go Round and Round (all) - Basic music reading skills related to your instrument.  Making sense of what's "on the page" can be an invaluable tool, even if (especially if) one learns primarily by ear.

 Playing Well with Others (all) - Hammered dulcimers really can play nicely together or with other instruments!  Duet arranging and communication tips for peaceful collaboration are offered here.

Out of the Rag Bag (Intermediate) - Rags are fun to listen to and lots of fun to play.  Embellish your repertoire with The Pig Ankle Rag and The Beaumont Rag and enhance your syncopation skills with rhythm and accents.

Overcoming Gephyrophobia (Intermediate) - Terrified by the bridges on your dulcimer or just tired of whacking them every time you cross?  Train your muscles, both hand and brain, with these exercises and fear no more!  The Swallowtail Jig will provide a showcase for your newfound confidence.

Tune Multiplication (Intermediate/Advanced) - One tune times three styles equals an interesting medley.  Brainstorm on arranging.  Hands-on musical magic as we play and play with Moses, Hoe Your Corn. 

The World Beyond Golden Slippers (Intermediate) - Uncommon fiddle tunes you may not hear at every jam, but should!  Roscoe, perhaps? How about Bill Cheatem? Needle Case?  And where do we find new (old) different material anyway?

Making the Music Sing (Intermediate/Advanced) in two parts.  Part One: Learning Tunes from the Inside Out.  Melody is the skeleton that everything else hangs on.  Part Two: Finding Your Dulcimer's Voice.  Arranging to convey your own style.

Christmas is Coming, the geese are getting fat. Please put a penny in the dulcimer player's hat!  Carols for almost-beginners, beauty in simplicity.

Hammered Hymns: Playing in Worship (Beginners/Intermediate)  Church is often a player's first "public" venue.  How to choose when, what, and how to play.  Simple arrangements of a couple of favorite hymn tunes.

Let Your Right Hand Do Not As Your Left Hand Doeth! (Intermediate/Advanced) - Using both halves of your brain for hand separation, hand independence, hand interdependence, whatever you choose to call doing two different things at once.  You may not be able to play duets with yourself right away, but you can add some nice harmony!

Waltzing Under the Hummingbird Moon (Int/Adv) - Learn a new waltz and easy ways to embellish it.

All the World's a Stage (How to Become a Superstar in about an Hour) (All levels) - Putting together a set, dealing with performance jitters, entrances, exits, lights, what to wear, what to say - and what NOT to say!

Triple Hammered Harmony (Int/Adv) - Bach Minuets, Over the Waterfall, O'Carolan's Hewlett, or any of 12 Christmas favorites arranged for 3 hammered dulcimers (or other instruments).  Ensemble playing for fun!  Music reading skills helpful.

Once More With Feeling: Playing Expressively (Int/Adv) - More than dynamics, playing to communicate can bridge the gap between adequate and beautiful.  Explore how to play more expressively.